For all occasions

To make the gift of well-being is to offer a privileged space as an ideal gift  guaranteeing a tailor-made service to a person who counts.

The MRT gift voucher can be applied to all Relaxation and Relaxation Massages and all Body and Face Treatments, individually, but also in the form of a Package or a Subscription.

We also offer Signature Menus :

Opt for a  MRT gift voucher for :

  • Bringing Wellness to work is about improving the professional atmosphere and relationships between colleagues.

*On the occasion of Labor Day, a free time, a pension, a birth, a hiring, end of year celebrations …

 1 Massage to choose.

60′  € 75 / 90′ € 105

*For a day or a half day such as Free Friday, MRT installs its table in your offices and will offer the well-being to all your employees who wish to enjoy it.

1 Californian massage or 1 massage Awakening of the senses 30′

1 day  of 8h 730 € / 1 half day of 4h 370 €

  • Enjoy a Moment of Relaxation between girlfriends, parents and children, between spouses or partners … is to find or tighten sensory links to share. On the occasion of a birthday, a Mother’s Day, fathers, grandparents, Christmas, Valentine’s Day …

1 foot bath with draining virtues + 1 Scrub to choose from + 1 Gift Wraping Moment or 1 Discovery Massage to choose.

100′  €  120

  • The must for Future Married a space dedicated to the maximum serenity before to say “Yes, I do”, the “D” day. Inseparable from the bachelor party program of a young girl or boy.

1 relaxing foot bath + 1 Scrub to choose from + 1 Facial Treatment + 1 Tropical Cocoon Massage

155′  € 195

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