MRT Offers and Promotions

By partnering with the best employees, MRT introduces you to the well-being in various forms, giving you access to Privilege Offers and advantageous Start Promotions.

MRT Start Promotions

The 1st appointment for a Therapeutic Massage (Expertise) or for a Relaxation and Relaxation Massage, or for a Body and Face Care will have its price reduced to the chosen Package or Subscription.

The Subscriptions to the Body and Face Treatments proposed, are considered at a rate of once a month. MRT undertakes to introduce you to the regularity of the maintenance of your image. Taking care of yourself provides a certain well-being. It is therefore recommended to consider the realisation of these Subscriptions Body and Face Care 2 to 3 times a month, in order to stay in a care routine that will ensure skin and body to the best of their abilities.

In order to guarantee the results required by the Therapeutic Packages, MRT introduces you to well-being through Sport. MRT offers you a Ritual-Fit Pass that will introduce you to the sport’s assets during your treatment.

 Ritual Fit Pass MRT from our partner

La Clé des Sens

Anyone taking at least 2 packages of Therapeutic Treatment or Body and Face Care will have free access to 1 class in each discipline of La Clé des Sens :

1 Hatha Yoga class + 1 Pilates class + 1 Ground floor class

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La Clé des Sens

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