Body and Face Care

MRT Care is for both men and women. Stop the indeciseness of time, go through precise protocols, stimulating blood flow, collagen production and maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Reduce the stomach and refine the hips, firm the buttocks, the underarms, eliminate the double-chin, and buffalo hump, resorb the pockets, the looseness of the eyelids and expression lines target all morphologies.

Detox Body Scrub +

Remodeling Massage

90′ €100

The scrub stimulates blood circulation, strengthens skin elasticity and eliminates dead skin. The remodeling massage can redraw the silhouette and fight sagging skin.

* Gentle Scrub with Organic Almond Powder (Sensitive Skin)


Sensory Massage with Ylang Ylang Oil

* Clean Skin Scrub with Organic Olive Oil Powder (Oily Skin)


Nourishing Massage with Argan Oil

* Perfumed Scrub with Rosehip Powder (Mixed Skin)


Inebriating Massage with Bali Flowers

Anti-Aging Massage

A real manual facelift treating the tendino – muscular zones going to boost the cellular exchanges and to stimulate the production of collagens.

* Anti-Aging Massage 1 Zone

45′ €45

 Lift massage : Face, double chin, neck (Zone A)

Anti-sagging Massage :  under the arms, bust and belly (Zone B)

Firming Massage : Bison bump, back and glutes (Zone C)

* Anti-Aging Massage All Zones

60‘ €65 

* Face Care

70′ €75

Skin cleansing + De-toxin Scrub + Lifting Massage

(wrinkles of the forehead, the lion, eyelids, crow’s feet, dark circles, naso-genial fold, perior-buccal, folds of bitterness, cheeks and lower cheeks)

+ Cleansing mask and boost + Tonic eye contour + Hydrating and antioxidant Serum + Anti-pollution Organic protection cream

> Therapeutic Massages

> Relaxation and Relief