Relaxation and Relief

60′ € 70   /   90′ € 90

Package 8 sessions    60′ € 60  /  90′ € 75

(valid for 2 months)

Package 12 sessions   60′ € 55  /  90′ € 70

(valid for 3 months)

Metissage Massage

(Re) -Unifiant

Inspired by Indian (Ayurveda Abhyanga) and Japanese (Shiatsu) methods. Shiatsu make physical and mental tensions resolve by a gentle and precise touch of acupuncture points, while Ayurveda tempers moods and manages emotions by facilitating blood flow. Detoxifies, relaxes, clarifies the complexion and facilitates sleep. Draining method, stimulating natural defenses.

Thaï massage on table


Indian and Chinese inspirations taking the postures of yoga : release of toxins, circulation and return of muscle flexibility. Stretching method and acupressure.

Lomi Lomi Massage


Hawaiian shamanic inspirations, resuming the benefits of the waves coming and going. Removes muscle and nervous tension, activates the elimination of toxins. Oxygenating method.

Relaxing Shiatsu

Southing energetics

Japanese inspirations, those fingers ’s pressions on the acupuncture points are enriched by the techniques of chiropractic, cranio-sacral, Thaï massage, stretching and resistance ( Sheitai), old bones technics (Seikotsu), visceral manipulation (Ampuku), body alignment (kenkujutsu), ligament and joint technique, balancing the whole body, (Shindenjutsu), having the liberating effects of kinesiology and having the magnetics principles of Polarity. Method of softening the body, stimulating energy points and emptying the spirit, carried out without oil, with flexible clothes and on mattress.

Tropical Cocoon Massage


Combining a shower of rose petal and hot coconut oil. Wrapped in a damp heat, break pleasure-relaxation. Gentle refreshing and exotic method.

Prenatal Massage


60′ € 65

Decongests muscles, makes tissues more flexible, supports hormonal balance, prevents stretch marks through blood stimulation. Participate in inner peace. Sensitive moment, of communion between the future mother and the child to come (from the 2nd trimester).

Massage Gift Wrapping Moment

Opener, De-toxin and Cleanser

60′ €65

Delicate and Intense touched first contacts in the face of the discovery of this gift, opening the pores while relaxing the body; Deeply draining, the GWM can be combined with a body scrub with musk rose or olive kernel.

– Massage GWM + Body Scrub 

90′ € 90

Targeted Massages

30′ € 45

– Californian Massage –


Inspirations “New Age” favoring the letting go, the abandonment. Evacuation method, release, targeted on the back and the back of the lower limbs.

– Sensory Awakening Massage –


With essential oils according to your needs of the moment. Aromatic method, targeted on the face, hands and feet.

*MRT packages are nominative.

*They can not be combined with another offer.

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