Therapeutic Massages

Treatment to consider over regular appointments for the best results*.

Passport for 8   50′ € 55

(valid for 2 months)

Passeport for 12   50′ € 50

(valid for 3 months)

Lymphatic Drainage 

50′ € 60

Manual Lymphatic Drainage®, according to Dr. Vodder’s method, used by MRT, detoxifies and promotes circulatory return and improves physical and aesthetic conditions, while strengthening the immune system : water retention, cellulite, varicose veins, swelling, toxins , blood circulation, allergies, acne, menopause, wrinkles, migraine, insomnia, heavy legs, sleepwalking, painful periods, visible veins, osteoarthritis, lymphoedema, edema, lesion, inflammation, digestion …

Anti-Cellulite Massage 

50′ € 60

Named palpate-roll : Break up fat deposits and eliminate dimples giving the appearance of orange peel. The MRT protocol applies a firm and precise hand to each treatment area and adapts its gesture according to the venous sensitivities of each.

Foot Reflexology  

60′ € 60

Chinese inspirations therapy : body relaxation by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet linked to the nervous system. This method, by pressure on the precise reflex points, located under both feet, allows to restart the energy flow, treat or relax the corresponding body.

Sports Massage

60′ € 65

Before and after the effort, preparation and recovery essential to maintain muscle tone. The MRT protocol is for weekly or daily athletes.

*MRT packages are nominative.

*They can not be combined with another offer.

*The 1st appointment for one of the Therapeutic Treatments lasts 60 minutes, instead of 45 to 50 minutes afterwards, because it starts with an expertise to know the origin and symptoms of the case to be treated.

*It is best to consider Relaxation Massages with therapeutic benefits when weekly Therapeutic Treatment sessions can not be done.

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